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The Just Dropping Gemz Show centers around holistic health. We discuss various subjects focused on the mind, body, and spirit.  The objective is to assist our viewers and listeners with techniques and tips with healing on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. We invite a variety of guests who are experts in their respective fields in the area of holistic health. The Just Dropping Gemz Show is on most major podcast platforms, YouTube, the Rude Rangers App, and on Roku TV on the Rude Rangers Unite Channel.

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Meet Your Host

Keisha Christian

Holistic Health and Wellness Educator

Keisha Christian founded Keisha’s Gemz, LLC, in 2014. Presently known as Dropping Gemz®, the multi-faceted, healing product line includes personal care products, books, her online school Dropping Gemz® Academy, and holistic lifestyle coaching.