The Power of Forgiveness for Mental and Spiritual Healing (Part I and II)

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Welcome to episode 6 and 7 of Just Dropping Gemz podcast. My name is Keisha Christian, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Author, and Owner of Keisha’s Gemz LLC. This episode is sponsored by #pureromancebyvenice. Venice Richards your Pure Romance consultant inspires women to enhance their intimate lives, and take care of their sexual health. Book your party today! Info in the show note or description box below.

My co-host on this episode entitled The Power of Forgiveness for Emotional and Spiritual Healing is Mental Health Practitioner Feona Charles-Richards. She is a Clinical Psychology doctoral candidate and mental health practitioner from Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies.


The tools shared in this podcast are powerful and are for informational purposes only. Please check with your doctor about any life changes you plan to make, especially if you are ill or taking medications. Every one of us is an individual and our health practices need to be appropriately tailored to our specific needs. Be sure to do your research. Take good care of yourself. You are so worth it.

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